We remind children every day to embrace creative risks, to “dare to fail gloriously.”  By submitting your own words for publication, you model risk-taking for your students and share your story. Maybe another school person has wrestled with a dilemma you’ve confronted or wondered about how to manage a tricky situation you have puzzled through.

Well-Schooled accepts submissions that have not been published elsewhere. Please limit your submissions to 750-1000 words. Multimedia submissions are encouraged as well – pictures with captions, original designs, artistic expressions. Your submission should include an original photograph that works with your piece and adheres to your school’s privacy policies. 

Well-Schooled will not publish any material that casts the experience of learning in a negative light. All submissions are reviewed, edited, and approved by Well-Schooled editors. Once you have submitted your copy, if your work is accepted for publication, we will email you with feedback, revision suggestions, and/or a permission form to sign and return.

Well-Schooled publishes first-person stories that fall into three broad categories:

  • View From The Top: stories about leadership 
  • Heard In The Hallways: stories about teaching and learning
  • The Wider Circle: stories about educational trends and the education community

Suggested Topics

*All submissions should be presented as first-person stories that speak from “I”.

  • What is important to teach?
  • What is the purpose of school?
  • What is a problem of practice you are working on now? Describe the problem, why you are engaging with it now, and the impact of your action or practitioner research. Why does this matter?
  • Teaching, learning, and leading in schools: what motivates you, keeps you up at night, keeps you coming back each year?
  • Who has inspired you as an educator? How/ where/ why?
  • How does a person belong at your school?
  • What relational or power dynamics are at play in your school, and how do you navigate or experience them?
  • What memories of your own experience of school have lasted and shape you as an educator today?
  • Fact is stranger than fiction: what is an amazing or unbelievable experience you’ve had in school?
  • How do you renew yourself as an educator? Give others tips.
  • Your idea here

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