We remind children every day to embrace creative risks, to “dare to fail gloriously.”  By submitting your own words for publication, you model risk-taking for your students and share your story. Maybe another school person has wrestled with a dilemma you’ve confronted or wondered about how to manage a tricky situation you have puzzled through. Ultimately, your willingness to be a part of Well-Schooled is an investment in yourself and in others!

Well-Schooled accepts submissions that have not been published elsewhere. Please limit your submissions to 750-1000 words. Multimedia submissions are encouraged as well – pictures with captions, original designs, artistic expressions. Your submission should include an original photograph that works with your piece and adheres to your school’s privacy policies. Well-Schooled will not publish any material that casts the experience of learning in a negative light.

All submissions are reviewed, edited, and approved by Well-Schooled founders. Once you have submitted your copy, if your work is accepted for publication, we will email you with feedback, revision suggestions, and/or a permission form to sign and return.

Well-Schooled publishes first-person stories that fall into three broad categories:

  • View From The Top: stories about leadership 
  • Heard In The Hallways: stories about teaching and learning
  • The Wider Circle: stories about educational trends and the education community

Suggested Topics

  • The joys and perils of leadership, teaching, and learning, in all forms
  • Great professional development takeaways
  • Spaces and how they shape learning
  • A portrait of a great colleague or a student 
  • Interviews with individuals doing interesting work or projects in your school
  •  Your position on elements of school such as grades, accountability, community…
  • Your Idea Here

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