As lifelong educators, we know that our lived experiences shape us – and our schools – in important ways. And as writers, we know the power of the written word to bring people together around common educational experiences and goals.  Well-Schooled, the site for educator storytelling, has a simple mission: to share first-person narratives about teaching, learning, and leading throughout the school year.


Jessica is an independent school graduate, teacher, administrator and parent and has served in different roles at a number of co-ed and single-sex independent schools. Jessica writes the education blog, What I Learned Today in School, curates the book review site, bookclique, is an editor of Klingbrief, and is a founding partner of 120 Education Consultancy.


Ann has been the head of Laurel School in Shaker Heights, OH since 2004. There, she follows the lives and learning of 620 girls and small boys, teaches 9thgrade English and devises a play each year with the primary girls. She is the mother to two daughters off in the world, one son in middle school, and one Turkish exchange student. Her writing has appeared in NAIS’ Independent School magazine, the Independent Ideas blog, the Brevity Blog, and in other journals.


Ari is a storyteller, editor, and organizer. She is a research scientist at the American Communities Project based at The George Washington University. Previously, she was digital editor/producer at the National Association of Independent Schools. She has held writing and editing roles at ABC News, The Christian Science Monitor, and Campaigns & Elections magazine. She has an MPA from New York University and a BA from Penn State.