As I glanced through the window, it was right there. Your face.
The mask dangling from one ear. Your face.
Your hair covering one eye that sparkled and laughed.
Your features had changed-matured-grown and become even more beautiful. Your face.
Mouth speaking. No braces. Straight, white teeth.
Nose running. Now, with a nose ring.
730 days. First on Zoom.
730 days. Then under colored cloth.
730 days. Then under N95.
730 days. SIX FEET away.
730 days. THREE FEET away.
730 days. Mask optional. Vaccinated.
Your face leaning into the sun.
Your face freckled and smiling.
Your face looking every bit of sixteen.
The last time I had seen it, your face was fourteen.
Your face was finding its way through eighth grade.
Feeling free and large about being the oldest in the Middle School.
Braces on your teeth. Hands covering your mouth as you laughed. Embarrassed.
You ruled. You had power. You were at the top of the food chain.
730 days brought you back down to Earth.
Put you in your place.
Made you doubt your position and fit.
But now. Now, you have your footing.
Your mask has been removed.
Or has it?